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We've put together a FREE comprehensive business plan template that can be configured to meet your own requirements.

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What's inside


You'll use this template to dial in your startup, monthly and future costs.


You'll use this template to calculate your estimated revenue and profit.


We've done the grunt work and have an extensive list of inventory sources.

Success manager

Our success is yours. Your dedicated success manager will see to that.


Access to our exclusive online portal for all our kiosk owners. We also have added support options.

Custom design

Want your own branding on the kiosk? No problem. This an optional add on we offer, serving as your OEM.


As part of our white glove service, we will help find and secure a location with a 6 month guarantee.

Parts & warranty

Included is a 1-year manufacturer's warranty & extra parts on hand.

FREE shipping

FREE shipping to your preferred location within the lower 48 states.


We will hold your kiosk for you in our warehouse up to 60 days after it is ready for delivery. A monthly storage fee will apply after that.

Food safety

We've put together a comprehensive user manual and operating procedures document for you to download.


Our FREE pro-forma includes reliable sources for your food inventory and cleaning supplies.

Software (Free)

Out of the box, you'll have a unique login that'll allow you to manage your machine(s) inventory, status and advertisments.

Software (subscription)

For just $65/month, you can create text/email notifications of machine events, get advanced system statuses and advanced sales reporting.

kiosk packages

Join the automation era

✅ On-site training & installation
✅ Free shipping
✅ 12-month parts warranty
✅ Location contract with 6 month guarantee
✅ Recommended national food suppliers
✅ Support staff to ensure your success
✅ Open 24/7Work 1 hour, every 2-3 days

We've now made financing simple and easy. During checkout, choose to "Pay with Affirm or Klarna" and you'll be redirected to apply for financing.

$ 75.00 USD
$ 65.00 USD
Pro software upgrade

The pro software upgrade is an option for operators looking to have the added benefit of receiving text/email alerts, creating promo codes, getting advanced sales reporting and seeing a more robust set of data for their machine's status and health.

CHOOSE package
$ 3,499.00 USD
$ 2,999.00 USD
White glove service

Let us handle the bulk of the work. This add on option includes installation, onsite training, location agreement assistance, extended technical support and more.

CHOOSE package
$ 19,700.00 USD
$ 16,999.00 USD
Starter (1 kiosk)

1 kiosk and our starter kit. Price includes shipping, free access to our client software portal, a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a dedicated success manager.

CHOOSE package
$ 59,097.00 USD
$ 50,697.00 USD
Entrepreneur (3 kiosks)

3 kiosks and our starter kit. Price includes shipping, free access to our client software portal, a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a dedicated success manager.

CHOOSE package
$ 98,485.00 USD
$ 84,495.00 USD
Pro (5 kiosks)

5 kiosks. Price includes shipping, free access to our client software portal, a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a dedicated success manager.

CHOOSE package

You've got questions...
we've got answers.

How do you help new vendors get started?

We provide a detailed pro-forma template that can be used to estimate costs, revenues and potential profits. And most importantly, you'll have a dedicated success manager you can talk to when you need along the way. Following your commitment to purchase and delivery of your machine, we are here to train you on proper operating procedures and maintenance of the machine. We can also advise on securing locations and operational issues through an ongoing support program.

How do I use the cost and revenue sheet templates?

Download a copy of all the templates included in the starter kit. Inside, you'll have clear direction on how to adjust inputs to achieve new outputs. Don't worry though, the default values go a long way in understanding the baselines.

Is their a white glove service you offer?

If you lack the time or are just unsure about how to truly get started, we offer an additional white glove service package that can be purchased as an add on with any kiosk package.

Is this a franchise?

Bella's is not a franchise. We provide the equipment and the basic tools you'll need to start your own automated kiosk business.

Can you help me secure a location to place my Bella's kiosk?

Yes. This is a service we offer but at an additional price. It's not included with a kiosk purchase. Check out the additional white glove service that can be purchased as add ons to any kiosk package.

After I purchase a kiosk package, what happens?

After your purchase, you can expect a 90 day or less lead time before delivery. The days following your purchase, your success manager will go through the starter kit contents with you and answer any questions you may have.

Should you experience any technical issues with the machine, we'll be here to help triage the situation and provide our recommendation for a solution.

I own another type of business. How can Bella's help me increase my revenue streams?

If you're an existing business owner and not interested in purchasing your own automated kiosk, we're happy to work with you in placing a kiosk in your business. We have both a hands on and off approach depending on your wants and needs. This really means we either operate it ourselves or you manage the operations of it. In either case, it will likely be a revenue share model we can work out. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss.

Is there a warranty? What if a part malfunctions?

We include a set of popular spare parts with your initial purchase to cover you in case of an unexpected part malfunction. If you need other parts as a result of normal wear and tear, you can purchase them from us. All kiosks come with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers parts at no additional cost should there be a malfunction due to manufacturer fault and not normal wear and tear. Any damage done to the kiosk and all parts therein, as a result of poor handling, will not be covered under the warranty.

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