Starter (1 kiosk)

Starter (1 kiosk)

$ 16,999.00 USD
$ 19,700.00 USD

If you're wanting to start a kiosk business, then this package is for you. The Beginner package includes 1 kiosk, our starter kit, inventory product supply sheet, vendor agreement template, pro forma (cost sheet and revenue estimates), spare parts, 12 month mfg warranty on parts, access to online tech training/support, Nayax activation form. Price includes free shipping and a dedicated success manager.

All sales are subject to our terms & conditions.

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kiosk packages

You're buying more than a really cool machine

You're buying an automated mobile frozen yogurt storefront. Every purchase includes our starter kit and a dedicated success manager to see to it that your satisfied with your experience.

$ 75.00 USD
$ 65.00 USD
Pro software upgrade

The pro software upgrade is an option for operators looking to have the added benefit of receiving text/email alerts, creating promo codes, getting advanced sales reporting and seeing a more robust set of data for their machine's status and health.

CHOOSE package
$ 3,499.00 USD
$ 2,999.00 USD
White glove service

Let us handle the bulk of the work. This add on option includes installation, onsite training, location agreement assistance, extended technical support and more.

CHOOSE package
$ 59,097.00 USD
$ 50,697.00 USD
Entrepreneur (3 kiosks)

3 kiosks and our starter kit. Price includes shipping, free access to our client software portal, a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a dedicated success manager.

CHOOSE package

No minimum capital investment, lower cost than traditional brick and mortar franchises, and buy now pay later options for qualified buyers.