Business owners

Looking for an extra revenue stream but don't necessarily want the added costs, staffing increases, inventory management requirements and the like? Our fully automated soft-serve vending kiosks are a great solution to just that.


Hands off

With this option, we'll place one of our machines in your existing locations at no cost to you and operate it for you.

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Hands on

With this option, we place one of our machines in your existing locations and you'll operate it.

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I want 100% of the revenue

Because you'd want to retain all revenue and profit, this requires that you purchase a kiosk package.

i'm interested but...

Hoping we can work a unique deal.

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let's imagine

Estimating our partnership

Cups/day sold

If placed in a tier one location, we can estimate to sell about 30 cups/day.

Avg. sales price

Let's assume the avg cup sold includes a base and 2 toppings for $5.85 + tax.

Your cut

If there's a 25% revenue share between us, expect an entitlement to $1.46/cup.

Passive income

At this volume output and revenue share agreement, that's an extra $7,371


You've got questions...
we've got answers.

How do I use the cost and revenue sheet templates?

After your purchase, you'll be prompted to download a copy of all the templates included in the starter kit. Inside, you'll have clear direction on how to adjust inputs to achieve new outputs. Don't worry though, the default values go a long way in understanding the baselines.

Is this a franchise?

Bella's is not a franchise. We provide the equipment and the basic tools you'll need to start your own automated kiosk business.

Can you help me secure a location to place my Bella's kiosk?

Yes. This is a service we offer but at an additional price. It's not included with a kiosk purchase. Please inquire via email or phone.

After I purchase a kiosk package, what happens?

The days following your purchase, your success manager will go through the starter kit contents with you and answer any questions you may have. They'll go over your expected timeline and the milestones along the way.

I own another type of business. How can Bella's help me increase my revenue streams?

If you're an existing business owner and not interested in purchasing your own automated kiosk, we're happy to work with you in placing a kiosk in your business. We have both a hands on and off approach depending on your wants and needs. This really means we either operate it ourselves or you manage the operations of it. In either case, it will likely be a revenue share model we can work out. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss.

Is there a warranty? What if a part malfunctions?

We include a set of popular spare parts with your initial purchase to cover you in case of an unexpected part malfunction. If you need other parts as a result of normal wear and tear, you can purchase them from us on our parts store. All kiosks come with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers parts at no additional cost should there be a malfunction due to manufacturer fault and not normal wear and tear. Any damage done to the kiosk and all parts therein, as a result of poor handling, will not be covered under the warranty.