Automated frozen yogurt vending machine.

Start your own automated soft-serve vending kiosk business or place a kiosk in your existing business using the only 2023 ANSI/NSF compliant machine of it's kind available to the US market.

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robotic soft-serve vending machinerobotic soft-serve vending machinefrozen yogurt with sprinkles
latest news - 12/28/2023

We've officially received our ANSI/NSF

We've officially been issued our ANSI/NSF certificate. A major milestone for us and owners of our machine. This allows any operator to own the Bella's machine knowing it has been manufactured to the United States's highest standard for commercial food equipment, food safety and sanitation, that serves time and temperature controlled foods like soft-serve.

With limited stock now available, we urge interested parties to secure their machine before we sell out to avoid longer lead times.

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Open 24 hours,
7 days a week

Your new kiosk can be placed in a variety of locations, has low startup costs, requires no long-term commercial leases, is remotely monitored, requires about 3 hours of work a week to operate and comes with the service of an exceptional team.

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Start a fully automated frozen yogurt or ice cream business for a fraction of the traditional costs.

Business owners

Open an automated frozen yogurt or ice cream business within your existing establishment.

open 24/7

Start your very own frozen yogurt empire.

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Choose the Bella's design or create your own brand

Because we aren't a franchise, you have the option to create your own brand and stock whatever food products you think will sell best in your local market.

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Estimating your outcome

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Startup costs

Expect to need about 20k to start an automated kiosk business.

Cups/day sold

If placed in a tier one location, we can estimate to sell about 30 cups/day.

Avg. sales price

Let's assume the avg cup sold includes a base and 2 toppings for $5.95 + tax.

Cost/cup sold

The all-in cost to produce a single cup is around $0.98.


If there's a 10% revenue share with the location owner, expect to profit $4.38/cup.


At $4.38/cup profit, you can estimate a monthly profit of $3,529.56 minus fixed costs.


With these estimates, you can expect to breakeven on your initial investment in 5.48 months.

automated vending machine

Automate your passive income streams.

✅ No minimal investment
✅ Customizable design
✅ 1 hour of labor every 2-3 days
✅ Improve your customer experience

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Automated robotic soft-serve vending machine
machine capabilities

Frozen yogurt & other soft-serve options.

The Bella's soft-serve machine can dish out other types of soft-serve options like ice cream and acai. We just really like frozen yogurt. Here's some other highlights:

ANSI/NSF certified
1 soft-serve base. 3 toppings & 3 sauces.
Wifi & SIM card compatible.
Ultraviolet sterilization
Cloud reporting & remote inventory management
A Nayax VPOS Touch sends digital payments directly to your business banking account.
Small footprint. 10 sq. ft.
Self-contained. No plumbing required.
Automatic shut-off if temperature gets to hot per food safety guidelines
Neon lights and touchscreen video capabilities.
financing made easy

Buy now. Pay later.

We've partnered with Affirm to help you get your business off the ground with as little out of pocket costs upfront as possible. Here's an example payment plan of what your terms may be given a single kiosk purchase. Includes tax and shipping.

Terms are subject to your own credit profile and approval. Select "Pay with Affirm" during checkout.

Pay in low monthly installments
6, 12 or 36 month terms.
Automated robotic soft-serve vending machine

Automate your passive income & start living.

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kiosk package options

Let the machine do the work for you!

✅ On-site training
✅ 12-month parts warranty
✅ Third party location contract with 6 month guarantee
✅ Recommended national food suppliers
✅ Support staff to ensure your success
✅ Open 24/7
✅ Work 1 hour, every 2-3 days

robotic soft-serve vending machine
Pro software upgrade
$ 65.00 USD
$ 75.00 USD

The pro software upgrade is an option for operators looking to have the added benefit of receiving text/email alerts, creating promo codes, getting advanced sales reporting and seeing a more robust set of data for their machine's status and health.

robotic soft-serve vending machine
White glove service
$ 2,999.00 USD
$ 3,499.00 USD

Let us handle the bulk of the work. This add on option includes installation, onsite training, location agreement assistance, extended technical support and more.

robotic soft-serve vending machine
Starter (1 kiosk)
$ 16,999.00 USD
$ 19,700.00 USD

1 kiosk and our starter kit. Price includes shipping, free access to our client software portal, a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and a dedicated success manager.

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We've got answers.

Can you help me navigate my state's regulations?

Yes, our team will help you navigate your local county and state health regulations as part of our white glove service.

What happens after I purchase a kiosk?

After you've selected the kiosk package you'd like to purchase and the payment is made, a dedicated success manager will be assigned to your account. This person will reach out within 1-3 business days following receipt of your order. Our success managers will go over your option to design a custom wrap and will provide you with the finer details about what to expect and when.

Where can I place a Bella's machine?

The great thing about our machines is that they can be placed inside a variety of indoor facilities. Hospitals, malls, retail, restaurants, universities etc.

Can you help me find a location and get an agreement signed?

Yes. This is part of our white glove service package we offer. It comes with a 6 month guarantee.

Are there health code requirements I need?

Yes. This will be dependent on the county, city or state that you'll be operating in. You will need to adhere to their laws and regulations. Most likely, access to a commercial kitchen with a 3 compartment sink and approved water source will be required for inventory delivery, storage, preparation and cleaning procedures. We can help navigate your local requirements.

Is this a franchise I'm buying?

No, Bella's Frozen Yogurt is not a franchise. There are no franchise fees or franchise royalties to pay back to us. We are an equipment and service provider of the Bella's Frozen Yogurt automated vending machine.

Do I need to buy from your recommended food vendors?

No, Bella's Frozen Yogurt is not a franchise. So we don't require you purchase from our recommended food suppliers.

I'm an existing business owner, what can you offer me?

Existing business owners who want to begin to offer soft-serve treats to their customers can take one of two options. We offer a hands on approach where bella's owns and operates a kiosk within your business or a hands off approach where bella's supplies the kiosk and inventory to you to operate on your own. Both can be negotiated as a revenue share model where we partner together. If you're interested in owning 100% of the profits, then buying the kiosk(s) outright is more for you.

What if a part malfunctions?

We include a set of popular spare parts with your initial purchase to cover you in case of an unexpected part malfunction. If you need other parts as a result of normal wear and tear, you can purchase them from us on our parts store. All kiosks come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers parts at no additional cost should there be a malfunction due to manufacturer fault and not normal wear and tear. Any damage done to the kiosk and all parts therein, as a result of poor handling, will not be covered under the warranty.